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I really love the design of this home. Everything from the windows, to the kitchen to the stairs… it’s all very lovely. Something about the bathroom grabbed my attention more than the rest of the house. It was like I was standing in it and I could feel what it would be like to get ready in there. It was a welcoming and comfortable feeling. Maybe one day I will be designing my home from scratch (yeah right) and I will design a bathroom like this one.

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It has been a very long week. It’s Seafair weekend here in Seattle which usually excites the crap out of me but I was so tired today I felt like I might not join in on the fun this year. I have seen some pretty tempting photos floating around the internet though, we’ll see I guess :)

Today I’ve gathered some of my favorite finds from this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Please follow the link to Zack Seckler’s photography. The aerial photos are my favorite, absolutely stunning and unreal!!

+ This Lily Stan Studio look book is gorgeous! And the greyhounds… I want all the greyhounds!!

+ This Stockholm interior is to die for. Can I have spiral stairs in this lifetime please?

+ Zack Seckler’s aerial photography is unlike anything I’ve seen.

+ I’m always inspired by Breanna Rose. I enjoyed this post about kicking excuses to the curb.

+ Pretty gilded box diy on Cocorrina’s blog.




Kitchens are one of the most important aspects of any home, don’t you think? I love kitchens, there are nearly unlimited ways to arrange and style them and it’s so much fun! Here are a few kitchens that I’d love to spend some quality time in cooking up delicious recipes.


Kitchen Essentials



We are finally getting settled into our new home and we love it. This time we moved just a few minutes outside of Seattle to live in the trees! It’s so much more tranquil, its unreal. Don’t get me wrong, I love the busy humming of the city but the last place we lived was over-the-top loud. I won’t get into it, after all I never started this blog to complain. Let’s just say I’m really thankful for our new place and am so glad we found it when we did.

Our bedroom and living room/art studio is coming along quite nicely but our kitchen still seems to be suffering. We donated a lot of our stuff  when we moved and haven’t quite been able to replenish it yet. I stumbled across this set the other day and they are growing on me. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, we’ll see.

Tickar Series


Bright White Attic


Attic-Penthouse-in-Stockholm-1 Attic-Penthouse-in-Stockholm-2 Attic-Penthouse-in-Stockholm-3 Attic-Penthouse-in-Stockholm-11 Attic-Penthouse-in-Stockholm-15

I really love this open space. I’ve always felt like open spaces give you more room to breathe and clear your mind. This place feels upbeat but also very relaxing. The living room area is my favorite. That bookshelf is a dream come true. It’s massive but doesn’t look cluttery or make the place feel any smaller. I think it actually adds to the immense size of the room. Also, those windows are adorable. Enough said.

See the rest here.

Oh Sweden


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Those arched windows are to die for, loft style homes are the cutest and the bedroom patio…love.

All images via Alvhem.

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