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I came across these talented ladies a few months ago and I’ve been listening to them nonstop. Literally, I didn’t listen to much else that first month. Cat has such a soothing and amazingly powerful voice and Stas is one of the smoothest and unique female rappers I’ve ever heard. Their lyrics are right on point as well. They make you feel real good.

Ever since I first heard about them I was excited to see their live set. They’re from Seattle, so I knew it would happen eventually. I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw some shows for August. I was, however, surprised to see that they were going to be the main act at the new SLU Block Party and that it was FREE! What!! Yes, D and I saw them for free and it was magical. Such a good time, smiles all around.

Give them a listen (if you want). Have a good week friends!!

xo, heather

For your listening pleasure


I’ve been listening to Vince Staples nonstop for a few weeks now. This was the very first song that I heard and I was like “Whaaat. Dustin, you gotta listen to this!” It’s so good. If you’re into it, definitely listen to “Senorita” too!! That one is amazing!!

I love Sucre! Some of the songs are a little slow but the her EP “Loner” is so good. From start to finish. She has a sweet, calming voice and I could listen to it all day.

This is her very first single and I love it!! It’s catchy, I can totally relate and she’s adorable.

Enjoy!! xo, heather

for your listening pleasure | color film


I love love love Color Film! Its the catchiest thing I’ve heard in a long time (besides Sons of the Sea) and I love nothing more than bouncy, catchy music! I’m a long time admirer of Daryl Palumbo (you should check him out) and I was filled with joy when I first heard their debut song Bad Saint awhile back. I was shocked to learn that this music video for Small Town is actually live. Now I can kinda tell but it’s still such great quality and I love that this is them, raw and amazing. That voice….


for your listening pleasure | fiona apple


This is quite possibly my favorite music video ever. I love Fiona Apple but even more than that, I love that Paul Thomas Anderson directed this video. He has directed a few of her videos and they’re all excellent…of course.

Song of the Day | sons of the sea


I’ve been listening to Sons of the Sea nonstop since I first heard them a few months ago. This is a new project of Brandon Boyd (from Incubus) and Incubus’ producer Brendan O’Brien. I’m a huge fan of Incubus and Brandon Boyd in general. He is an amazing fine artist as well as talented musician. I’m not really into a lot of mainstream music but I’ve been an Incubus lover for years…too long to remember.

Anyway, enjoy! Try not to get too addicted. xx, heather

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