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I can’t believe Christmas is only 1 week away!! Time really is flying by, 2015 is just around the corner. I usually try and get a few things purchased in advance but I always end up having last minute gifts to buy. I’ve been doing a lot of online browsing and decided to compile some of my favorites into a gift guide for her.

Gorgeous square zip wallet from Everlane.

Unique Napkin sets from Nell and Mary

I’ve had my eyes on these bonsai scissors for a while.

Cute little pouch from Baggu.

This beautiful blanket from The Citizenry.

My new favorite beauty products and the prettiest packaging I’ve ever had my hands on.

Aures Rings – set of 3 from Moorea Seal.

The Belota Crossbody is the perfect size and the wooden details are too good to be true.



Noteworthy No. 06 | Accessories



Hello! I hope the week is treating you well so far! It’s only Tuesday but and I’m already exhausted. Only 3 weeks left in this semester so that means a lot of finishing up and starting of new projects. It’s so hard to find time to work on personal projects when you have a day job + go to University. Hoping there will be a calm soon, even if the next storm is around the corner.

Here are a few items I’ve had my eyes on for a while, plus a few I just found recently.

boots | bag | watch | lip balm+serum | necklace | lamp | pouch | glasses | blouse





There are plenty of great artists out there, whether they are actors/actresses, musicians, painters, etc. but every now and then there is one that stands out among the rest. For me, Melanie Laurent is one of those. As an actress, she is captivating. Just watch Inglorious Bastards or Beginners if you don’t believe me. She has a natural beauty that I’m drawn to and the cutest french accent I’ve ever heard. As a female artist, there are not many that I admire more. She’s irresistible.





It has been a very long week. It’s Seafair weekend here in Seattle which usually excites the crap out of me but I was so tired today I felt like I might not join in on the fun this year. I have seen some pretty tempting photos floating around the internet though, we’ll see I guess :)

Today I’ve gathered some of my favorite finds from this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Please follow the link to Zack Seckler’s photography. The aerial photos are my favorite, absolutely stunning and unreal!!

+ This Lily Stan Studio look book is gorgeous! And the greyhounds… I want all the greyhounds!!

+ This Stockholm interior is to die for. Can I have spiral stairs in this lifetime please?

+ Zack Seckler’s aerial photography is unlike anything I’ve seen.

+ I’m always inspired by Breanna Rose. I enjoyed this post about kicking excuses to the curb.

+ Pretty gilded box diy on Cocorrina’s blog.




I stumbled across Herbivore Botanicals recently and I got the feeling that I’d seen their products before but it somehow got shuffled into the back of my cluttered brain. Well I’m glad I re-found them and this time it stuck with me. First of all, they are based in Seattle which is an obvious plus for me to be able to buy local. Secondly, all of their products are natural and vegan. I don’t like to put things on my face that came from the remains of dead animals or chemically engineered fillers, you know?

They have products specifically for those with dry/sensitive and oily/acneic skin which is always helpful. They also have a number of products for hair and body outside of the face products. I really want to try the Ultimate Facial Care Set for Dry/Sensitive skin and also the lip balms. I love lip balms. My husband has oily skin so this is always difficult for us as we have to buy doubles of some things but at the same time, it’s nice that we get to pamper ourselves in our own unique ways. Not that I’m one to go all out but a little pampering is necessary. It feels so good to throw on a charcoal mask and paint your damn nails. Even if they will chip in 10 minutes from beating your keyboard to death. Plus it’s always fun for us to do these things together on occasion. He will totally put on a mask with me and we’ll just chat or do our own thing but I love him for being my best friend, in addition to being my husband. You’re the best D!

I can’t wait to try a few of these and please let me know if you’ve tried them. I’d love to hear your opinions and recommendations.


Madelynn Furlong || Beauty Routine


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I don’t know why it took me so long to read Madelynn Hackwith Furlong’s blog Wide Eyed Legless, but I’m already completely in love with it. I just finished reading a guest post that she did on UO’s Blog about her current beauty routine. I enjoy reading about beauty routines that are in tune with my own. I like to be ready in a timely fashion with minimal effort. I’ve just recently started collecting beauty products that I genuinely love. If it’s from the organic foods aisle, that is even better. I am in complete agreement with her use of Coconut Oil. That stuff is AMAZING for hair, skin, and diet. How can you say no to that? It’s a triple win!!

What are your favorite natural beauty products? Especially if you have somewhat sensitive and/or dry skin. (Seriously, I want to know!)

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